In this video, you’ll discover the steps I take every year to set and achieve goals that transform my life. I have used these steps year after year to improve my health, create amazing life experiences with my family, grow who I am and what I can do, increase my income and a host of other awesome accomplishments.

So, if you don’t already know how you are going to make this year exponentially better than last year, I encourage you to watch this short video. Then download your free “Preparing Your Transformative Year Cheat Sheet”.

You’ll get the EXACT questions I use to evaluate the prior year. THIS IS CRITICAL. Most people’s new year’s resolutions and goals are already dead. You don’t want to be most people. And, you don’t have to be, if you just watch the video and complete this sheet.

The big problem – Most people write goals without first tapping into a deep need or desire in their life first. You MUST tap into what matters to you most now, or you won’t stay motivated. That’s what this cheat sheet is for. The cheat sheet will put you in touch with your deep needs and desires.

Following the six steps in the video and laying a solid foundation BEFORE setting my goals has allowed me to achieve 80% or more of my annual goals year after year.

Please hit me up with any questions you have. I want you to join me in having a transformative year.

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